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List the things you love about your home – Professionals Mildura

8 Dec 2017 Mildura 0 Comment

Sunraysia home owners, nobody knows your home like you do. Sure it may have a leaky toilet or a creaky floorboard that has been bothering you for years, but no doubt there are also plenty of things you will miss about your home when you move.

To help your agent present your home, think of ten things you loved about living in it and what our local community offers.

This list can be extremely useful to both the agent and potential buyers as it will help demonstrate the best features of your home and perhaps the features that you fell in love with when you first bought the home will be the same features that the next buyer will fall in love with too.

How to write your list

Start by writing all of the benefits of living in your home and why you love to live in your neighbourhood.

Don’t assume that other people will know things about your property and area that you do. If you have made improvements or there is solar power or hidden storage, or anything else that may not be immediately obvious, make sure you mention this.

Also if you’re in a friendly area where people know each other and tend to stop for a chat then don’t forget to mention this, or let people know if there are great schools or child care facilities nearby.

The more you can demonstrate to potential buyers why they might love to live in your area the more it is likely to resonate with people, plus a lot of people appreciate a home that has a story to tell and has a lot of happy memories.

Homes that are loved can give off a positive vibe to potential buyers and help them fall in love with a property just as much as you have.

If you’re looking for tips on home to present your home for sale, read the 101 Tips to Sell Your Home guide.


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