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Buying a Property Sight Unseen

15 May 2014 Mildura 0 Comment

With today’s technology it is becoming easier for homebuyers to buy property sight unseen – but is this a good idea?

When buying property it is always recommended to carry out as much research on it as you can and to make sure that it is the right investment for you, but sometimes an interested buyer simply can’t travel to a property to view it before buying.

There are plenty of ways to gather information about a property without having to view it in person. You can look up the property on Google street view and get photos and video walkthroughs of the property. You can also hire a property buyer to be your “eyes” for you and to relay important information.

In some cases, such as when buying an investment property, it can even be an advantage to buy sight unseen, as a buyer may be less likely to develop an emotional attachment with the property, and can make a decision about the purchase based purely on the facts.

If you have thoroughly researched an area (i.e. you know the area’s vacancy rates, employment data, population growth, infrastructure plans) and have decided that it will make a good investment then seeing the building won’t change much. If the walls aren’t a colour you like, does it matter if you don’t plan on living there? As long as you still get the rental income you desire.

If you plan on living in the property however, then buying sight unseen is probably not such a good idea. If you are buying your next home then you want to make sure you are completely happy and comfortable in it and you don’t want to find out that there’s something not right about it after you’ve already made the purchase.

Overall you should always carry out as much research on a property as you can before buying it and ensure that it is the right investment decision based on your personal circumstances.

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